Demo movie

The demo movie shown below presents features of PrettyMap.
This movie can also be used as a tutorial demonstrating PrettyMap user interface and "how to".

Refresh this page if you want to see the movie again.

There are two demo movies more:
  • current weather maps, reports and forecasts which shows
    • launching PrettyMap
    • creating new user map (named "My weather")
    • adding four location weather IDs (Calgary, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Chicago)
    • adding country boundaries layer
    • adjusting colors
    • increasing font size and weather icons size
    • browsing through Santa Fe weather report and forecast
    • changing default units from kilometers to miles (which automatically changes Celsius to Fahrenheit)
    • running PrettyMap again
    • restoring recent session to download weather for "My weather" map again, this time temperature shown in Fahrenheit degrees.
  • world facts map and database.