Converting user maps to other file formats


If you want to convert your map to KML, you can do it yourself using PrettyMap! Just go to menu:Map/Open maps, click the name of your user map and choose "Export to KML". The KML file will be saved to the memory card.

PMAP to Shapefile

If you want to convert a user point map to Shapefile (*.shp, *.dbf, *.shx), use the form below.

  1. The converter is only able to convert point user maps.
  2. You can rename the pmap file, as its file name is usually long and unfriendly (e.g. you can rename VEC_POI_20080225000445710j.pmap to VEC_Restaurants.pmap).
The *.pmap file
to be converted to shapefile
Your email
(we will send the converted map there)