PrettyMap screenshots (Palm OS)

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Support for vector maps




Multiple layers

Multiple layers

Layer settings

Color by property (e.g. city population rank)

Color by property (e.g. country population)

Double labels

Bar charts

World facts (1)

World facts (2)

Support for raster maps

Digital elevation models

Elevation relief

Elevation relief

Elevation legend

Elevation alternative colors

Elevation user-defined colors


Symbolic raster data

Spherical projection and 3D elevation view

Spherical image

Spherical image

Spherical elevation relief

3D Solid

3D Solid

3D Solid, adjustable water level

3D Solid, other planets

3D Lines

Online weather maps, reports and forecasts

Weather map

Location details

Weather and elevation

Weather and photo

Raster maps with vector overlay

Partial area maps

Elevation, boundaries, rivers and roads

Elevation relief and countries

Image and countries

Image and cities

3D elevation, countries and cities

3D elevation and countries

Sphere and countries

Day and night display

Day and night regions

3D day and night

Sun vs. north position

Shadow length

Spherical day and night

Spherical day and night

User maps editor

User map settings

Location edit

Multiple user-defined layers

Support for other planets

Moon elevation relief

Lunar landing sites

Lunar craters, mountains, seas, lakes, valleys and much more

Mars elevation

Spherical moon elevation relief

Other features

GPS logging,
GPS tracking

Search for data

Information about object properties

Educational quiz

Measure distance

Measure distance

Measure distance

Works in various screen resolutions

320x320, 320x480, 480x320

160x160, 240x240 and others