PrettyMap GPS tracking service

Note: this service is no longer supported. OptiFacility is a related service that provides on-line route optimization and supports time windows, ability and capacity constraints.

Turn your mobile device into a real-time tracking tool! You can make each copy of PrettyMap/PrettyEarth regularly report their location, and get a summary of current (recently reported) locations of your fleet. The tracking software runs on most smartphone platforms (Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, ...).

This is how it works: your fleet have smartphones with PrettyMap software, GPS units and active internet connections. Every 2−10 minutes each of these devices sends its current location to the PrettyMap server (along with the unique fleet ID allocated for you). When you want to see where your units are, just provide your fleet ID to see their locations on the map. You can also download a KML file for use with Google Maps, Google Earth or other GIS mapping software.

Who can benefit? Field services, transportation and construction services, busses, maintenance vehicles, route sales, or... you can use it privately or for safety, among your relatives or friends.

Try it free: activate tracking service in PrettyMap/PrettyEarth and see your location on the map below! Get a separate, dedicated fleet ID. Contact us if you need additional services such as location history, customized reports, fleet symbols, password-protected access, real-time visualization of your fleet directly on your smartphone/tablet, etc.

Alternatively, you can see a tabular summary or download a KML file and use with any KML-aware GIS software.

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Hold down SHIFT and drag mouse to zoom in to a specific area. Double-click to zoom in.

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