Vector maps of arbitrary areas: free conversion utility

With the shapefile-to-pmap converter, you can have vector maps of areas you are interested in converted for PrettyMap. ESRI provides shapefile maps for most areas of the world (however, their on-line service is no longer available). Another source of detailed USA vector data is the TIGER2000 dataset used in the tracking service, see also the Geography Network resources.

Want to see sample results of conversion? Check this out for areas in USA, Canada and Europe.

You can also edit vector maps on your own: free GIS applications like openjump, udig and qgis allow one to prepare, edit or convert vector maps. Save your maps as a shapefile, then use our converter application below and copy converted maps to your mobile device.

See the animation for a short illustration of the conversion application.

  • On the first wizard page, you select a shapefile map.
  • On the second page, select which attributes of your data should be converted. You can also rename them and pick one that acts as a label, and another one that reflects importance.
  • On the third page, you can set name and category of your map.
  • The last page displays output of the conversion process, and the *.pmap file is created ready to be transferred to the SD card of your mobile device.
Shapefile-to-prettymap conversion utility
If you have java installed on your computer, [click here] to launch the converter. When a "Warning-Security" window appears, press "Run". The warning is issued because the converter needs to access your shapefile map and write the converted map to your disk.

If you don't have java installed, get it here.
If you have problems using the converter, ask questions and get support on our forum.
The converter does not need Internet access: run it once and then you can use it offline.

Alternatively, you may submit your shapefiles via a web form to have us assist you with the conversion.