Registering PrettyMap and PrettyEarth (Windows Mobile/Pocket PC)

PrettyMap and PrettyEarth are shareware. You can use them for a month for evaluation purposes. After that period you have to register or to stop using them.

PrettyEarth PrettyMap
evaluation period
Price $9.95 free for a month $19.95
Free maps Earth only all available on this site including converting services
Very high resolution raster maps no yes
Questions per quiz 20 6 no limit
Advanced vector data search
("containing" option)
n/a no yes
Creating user point (POI) maps
(this includes Wi-Fi wardriving
and GPS logging features)
n/a up to 5 locations per map no limit

The unregistered (evaluation) versions display maps on a smaller area, and exit automatically after a few minutes of work.

Please ensure that you have read and accepted the license agreement.

You could purchase PrettyMap and PrettyEarth from a number of stores – PalmGear, PocketGear, Handango, pdassi, MobiHand, and a few tiny ones. These stores no longer exist – they were closed, companies were dissolved or went bankrupt, usually taking away some part of our proceeds. The one I liked, supported, advertised and trusted the most, MobiHand, went bankrupt without notice [ref1, ref2] taking all the revenue from selling PrettyMap, PrettyEarth and LittleSailor for all the years.