Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to get a detailed map of my favourite location/area.

Convert an image map and a vector map. Download an elevation map.

More maps for PrettyMap? or is it possible to convert a map that I have?

To read about maps for PrettyMap, refer to this page.

Can PrettyMap/PrettyEarth run from a memory card?

Yes, the program can be installed to and run from a card or from the main memory.

What are the limitations of unregistered (evaluation) version of PrettyMap?
What is the difference between PrettyEarth and PrettyMap?

See comparisons for Palm OS and for Windows Mobile.

How to accurately locate a specific longitude/latitude position?

In PrettyMap, go to menu:Vector/Layers, click the "User" button and create a new user map (or select an existing one), then click "User" again and select "Locations", and define the location of interest.

Why aren't vector and raster maps perfectly aligned?

Sometimes you can see this effect in some areas of Earth when you zoom in a lot. This is because maps come from various sources and may be based on different datums.

The activation code I received does not work.

This is because the Owner Name or HotSync ID you provided on purchase differs from the one you are using on the device.

If you are using a Windows Mobile device, Click Start, then Settings and Owner information. You should see the window similar to the one shown on the right. Send us the "Name" only (in this sample case, "Ian Fabré").

If you are using Palm OS: to check your HotSync ID, download and run on your device the UserTest program. Then send us what it displays: User name and Hexadecimal.

I purchased version 5.x. How do I upgrade to 6.x?

If you registered 5.x, you can buy 6.x license for $5.
If you purchased your 5.x activation code from Handango or Mobihand: they have an upgrade option on their PrettyMap product pages.

What are the diffferences between Palm OS and Windows Mobile versions?

Palm OSWindows Mobile
3D and Spherical viewsn/a
weather reports/mapsn/a
n/aGPS WiFi wardriving
data encoding: Latin-1UTF8
color mode: palettefull color